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Does your business surprise you with new challenges?
We can also surprise you by showing you how quickly we can handle them.
An issue? Several loads to a completely new destination tomorrow morning?

It can be done, we will use new opportunities for you - anything's possible with our energy and experience.
Complicated things will become simple with us.
How about comprehensive logistics services? Distribution? Consolidated deliveries?
Come to us, present your expectations and we will prepare a logistics services plan for you, we will implement it and manage it. Find out what advantageous conditions we offer! How we implement our tasks professionally!

  • Road transport and freight forwarding
    • whole vehicle
    • partial loads and groupage transport (the unit is 1 pallet)
    • International - whole Europe, each direction, including countries outside the EU.
    • Domestic - whole Poland
  • Logistics
    • logistics projects
    • distribution
    • supply
    • just-in-time
    • warehousing
    • stock management
  • Loads
    • neutral
    • dangerous (ADR)
    • waste
    • at controlled temperatures (refrigerated trucks)
    • spatial
    • high-value
    • other (e.g. tank trucks) - just specify your needs
Issues that are obvious for use::
We have all necessary licences, certificates and decisions required in our sector.
We provide OCP insurance for the entrusted load of up to USD 500 000 (does your current carrier offer it, too?). If needed - also for higher values. On the Client's request, we also offer a CARGO policy on advantageous conditions.


- And the road is simple!


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